Single Moms Fear Mothers Day

As a single mom with two young kids, it is easy to FEAR Mothers Day. My kids cant even comprehend how to pick up after themselves let alone that mommy has one special day where I can only dream of a miraculously clean house, no fights or arguing, and endless relaxation. Single moms have to do it all. We play both the roles or mom who nurtures, loves, and teaches, and the role of dad who provides, protects, and plays. Single moms don’t get sick days, vacation time, or a lot of downtime. There is no guarantee that your mothers day will be special, or your kids will decide to listen for the day, or even that your kids will know it’s your special day.

As my second mothers day as a single mom,  I decided I was going to do something different. I wasn’t going to fear the day, or worry that I didnt get gifts, or time to relax. I was going to devote my Mothers Day to being thankful and grateful that I am the mother of amazing kids, and that, because of extreme complications giving birth to both of them, that I am lucky to be here celebrating life.  After all, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t even be celebrating this day.

We started our day like any Sunday; going to church. I have to say, I was a little surprised as we were getting into the car that the kids had something up their sleeve, literally. Elle kept telling me on the drive to church, “Dont look over here mom, I have your mothers day present. Dont look! Its a surprise”. I couldn’t help but be a little excited and relieved that she had planned something for me. To me that was a gift enough. She didnt have to use all her allowance, or bribe her Nana to spend her money on a gift for me. It was the simple act of remembering and wanting to make my day special that was a gift enough.

After church and the beautiful Mothers Day sermon, I picked Elle and Rocky up from Sunday School, and made plans with my mom and sister to go out to lunch. As we were walking to our car to head over to the restaurant, Rocky slowed down, and looked up at me with his hypnotizing blue eyes and said ” I love you Mommy. Happy Mothers Day”. I literally had to hold the tears back from ruining my mascara. Hearing that from my three year old, in such an innocent and genuine way, completely melted my heart and made every heartache of motherhood worth it.

We had a wonderful lunch with my mom, sister, and the whole gang of kids. Afterwards, it was time to take the kids back to their dads. I was a little hesitant to give up part of my mothers day for them to be with their dad, and felt a little guilty that I, not only was a little relieved,  but anxious for some relaxation. I quickly let go of any negative thoughts. This was a no fear, and thankful day. We said our goodbyes, and as I sat in my eerily quiet house, I reflected on the best mothers day I could ever ask for, and the best gift I could have received; Memories.

Later that night, my mom, sister, and I decided to go see the new Avengers movie, which is a real treat being a single mom. Usually our movie choices are limited to Toy Story, Hannah Montana, or some random Puppy movie. It was just what I needed and the perfect way to end my day. Spending quality time with my family, while indulging in some action, adventure, fantasy and lets not forget, sexy guys in tight outfits. :)

So here is to another year and turning point on the journey of being Elle and Rocky’s Mom, and to a year without fear, hesitation, or holding back.

I hope you all had a beautiful mothers day! Thank you to everyone who made my mothers day special, and to everyone who sent me emails, messages, and texts.


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