How to Date & Make a Single Mom Fall for You [Part 1]

I came across this little poem today as I was writing my new blog post on How to Date and Make a Single Mom Fall for You; I decided to share this as the first part of a series of posts on the subject. There are many little clues in this poem of exactly how to win a single moms heart over, and if you can do these and show respect, patience, and understanding to her, her heart will be as good as sold.

Make sure to check back for Part 2  of the series: How to Date & Make a Single Mom Fall for You. This Article will outline and explain the top 10 things to do to win her over, the things that make dating a single mom different, as well as what things are fact or fiction when it comes to single moms and dating.

When you date a single parent
And you wanna make ‘em swoon
Show ‘em that you speak their language
And ask to share a spoon.

But don’t stop there, you sexy thing
You have a golden chance
To connect in ways you never have
And add to the romance.

First tell ‘em that your house is messy
Say, “I just don’t have the time,
Between life and love and doing things
For those that I call mine.”

Then tell ‘em that you love to laugh
Sometimes it’s your only tool
When things turn into crazy mayhem
And chaos becomes the rule.

And tell ‘em that you love to ride
In those spicy minivans.
And tell ‘em that you love to eat
From freezers and from cans.

And tell ‘em that some days you stay
In your pajamas until two.
And tell ‘em that you often want
Something to remain new.

And if you do all this, my friend
You’ll really start to see
That the pathway to a single parent’s heart
Is as easy as 1-2-3.

It’s not in the way you do your hair
Or the way your muscles rip
It’s not in the things that you can buy
Or your ability to strip.

It’s in your smile and the way it shows
Whether it can thrive or not
Amid the craziness life often is
When you’re dealing with tiny tots.

It’s in your laugh and the way it proves
The kind of person that you are
It’s in the way you talk of others
And not about your car.

It’s in your hands, and the way they touch
The ones you love most dear
Cause soon those hands might also touch
Those ones that they hold near.

It’s in your words and the way they lift
Their heart when it’s feeling low
It’s in your eyes and the way they find
Their sometimes dampened glow.

But more than anything, I think perhaps
The thing that they need most
Is someone who can see beyond
The toughness they must show.

Yes single parents don’t have the chance
To show when they are weak
Or sick, or hurt, or off alone
Crying themselves to sleep.

Supermoms and Superdads,
They’re only missing capes
But give ‘em half a minute and
They’ll make one out of drapes.

Just know that you’ll wear one as well,
If a single parent you are to woo
It’s gonna be tough, but it’ll be worth it
When you’re covered in glitter and glue.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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