Happy Divorce Day to Me!!

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As you know, I went on a weekend Author and Speaker Mastermind Retreat this weekend; It was everything I needed, expected, hoped for and much more. I was challenged in many ways, faced some of my fears head on, and built life long friendships. We all cried, laughed, danced, listened and truly inspired each other. It was so refreshing and humbling to meet so many talented, real, honest, and inspiring people.

As I went through this weekend, knowing that it would be exactly a year today since I was told by my ex-husband that he wanted a divorce, I think I was more closed off and guarded then normal. But as I got to know everyone at the retreat, I quickly felt safe, and felt admiration and respect for each and every person there. I heard stories that will inspire me for the rest of my life; Such as drug addiction, rape, losing a spouse, and self-esteem issues. Hearing these stories showed me that we are all faced with terrifying challenges, but its how we use those challenges in our lives to empower ourselves and others, is the true beauty of a story.  I have never connected in such an authentic and genuine way with anybody before, let alone with people that I have looked up to for a long time. Seeing my mentor, colleagues, and people I could only dream of knowing break down and share their inner thoughts, fears, and battles allowed me to quickly take down my walls and open up, and face mine.  I confronted some of my fears, some I have never been able to admit I had, and learned how to start taking the journey toward a path of inner peace. I learned its ok to let your walls down and be vulnerable. People are all facing their own demons; but when you can open up and be honest about them, is when you and your relationships can grow.

I can truly say after this weekend, I am even more thankful for all the pain and heartache that has led me to this point. I am so thankful for the time God gave me to be married to Robbie, the things i learned and have grown from,  and the ability to make it through the pain and heartache. I will forever be grateful for the journey that has led me here, and the time I got to spend this weekend learning about myself, building relationships, and confronting my fears.

Happy Divorce Day to me!

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